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Hello!, We are #Petaaero. We was established in late 2022. Offices of us in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We are a provider of ACMI lease, and Charter services and Creative Aviation, together with multiple complementary services spanning a wide range of associated operations across Asia-Pacific.

ACMI Lease Solutions

Our core business has always been ACMI leasing of our aircraft to other airlines.

Aircraft Leasing

Full, custom ACMI leasing services from long-term, ad-hoc wet and damp leasing, to comprehensive air charter operations.

Corporate Group Air Charter

Full charter service provider. Offering exceptional services for business and private fliers.

Crew Resourcing

Our companies provide businesses with the most efficient tools and solutions for talent search, development.

What Will You Get?

Always going the extra mile

Aircraft that fit your needs.

As always, our focus is on satisfying customers' needs. We can also provide you with our aircraft on a charter basis, whether it's a single flight or a larger chain of flights.

Flexible Layouts

We work around your schedule. We can arrange things to suit your timetable, respond to any changes in your plans, and offer quick and convenient upgrades to your charter flight details.

Cost efficiency.

Strong partnerships and attention to detail allow our team to offer services in accordance with your budget and needs.

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