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Team Culture

We are the company with a team-focused culture
where every employee is a hands-on contributor to the company’s success.


No matter the obstacles, we always remember to keep our promise towards clients and colleagues, believing that being reliable is the best decision for a long-term relationship – both personal and business. We conduct ourselves with uncompromising reliability and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company.


We are adaptable, flexible and responsive. Responding resourcefully to our clients ever-changing needs is a core to our success. We make business decisions that demonstrate adaptability, creativity, urgency and courage while highlighting our ability to stay aligned to the highest safety and security standards.


We believe that it is the constant cooperation that creates synergy and that helps us to achieve our goals much better and faster. Giving due respect to ourselves and others and maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth helps us to form better relationships.


We provide our clients with great experience and knowledge while being professional and constantly improving our services. Fast decision making often is a key in our daily routine, yet ours is thoroughly based on our know-how while striving to be the best at what we do.

Current Opportunities in PETA

We are looking for dynamic and agile individuals to join our international team who are excited as we are about aviation industry.

Captain A320
First Officer A320

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