About Us

Professional and pragmatic aviators, investors and success builders

Who We Are.


We was established in late 2022. Offices of us in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. We are a provider of ACMI passenger lease, and Charter services, Aviation training and personnel resourcing, Creative direction in the field of commercial aviation, together with multiple complementary services spanning a wide range of associated operations across Asia-Pacific

We communicate openly.

Our relationships and networks benefit from sharing information and feedback clearly, consistently and in a timely manner.

We have a can-do attitude.

Our energetic, enthusiastic and ambitious team work hard to deliver results and be the best. We take ownership of both our successes and our failures

We do the right thing.

We make decisions with due-care for the communities in which we operate and build trust by championing corporate integrity and accountability.

We work together.

We foster a culture of respectful, constructive and supportive collaboration encouraging adaptable, flexible innovation.

Asia-Pacific in reach, With a wide range of clients

Peta's niche is its valuable customer- centric service. Our customer gains a brand, livery and flight number in the fastest way possible, and the comfort that behind-the-scenes competencies are provided by Peta expert operations.


To provide our customers the most effective and
sustainable capacity management solution


To be the first choice for ACMI Leasing and
provide a high-quality charter product.

ACMI Partners

We do more than just arrange an aircraft.
Our customers receive the peace of mind that every detail of the project has been taken care of.


If you have an aircraft or fleet that you’d like us to present to potential charter clients, please contact us. Whether you’re an owner or FBO, our global offices work closely with our partner network on a daily basis.

Please contact to email: tony@peta.aero