ACMI Aircraft leasing – Long term

We create leasing opportunities through the teardown and conversion of aircraft.

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Our areas of expertise

Our 24/7 sub-charter and leasing team specialises in sourcing aircraft solutions to meet your every need.

Dry Aircraft Lease

A dry lease aircraft is a leasing arrangement whereby an aircraft financing entity (lessor), provides an aircraft only (without crew, engineers or ground staff). An airline contracts the aircraft (without crew, maintenance or insurance) from a leasing company or bank, placing the aircraft on their own air operators certificate (AOC) and providing the aircraft registration, however uses its own flight and cabin crew to operate the aircraft.


ACMI Aircraft Leasing - Short Term

Short term ACMI leasing is an emergency recovery service for airlines. Peta offers unrivalled operational and commercial airline experience and with our extensive network of connections and our global database, Peta will source the most suitable solution in a timely fashion.


Hybrid ACMI Solution

Hybrid lease or CMI (Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) is a combination of both a dry and wet lease and a solution for airlines with aircraft capacity, but the need to outsource the operating segment of operation be it due to: lack of flight crew, lower cost of personnel, strike action etc.


Cargo ACMI Leasing

Just like ACMI leasing in the passenger airline world, cargo operators can benefit from the flexibility that ACMI offers by not having to commit to long term fixed costs and investments in aircraft and crew when purchasing or dry leasing aircraft. Instead, they can contract as required, on a monthly or annual basis, depending on their own contractual demands with their clients.