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Bespoke, seamless, truly unforgettable, discover the Peta difference in charter flying.
We encompass luxury, comfort, safety and flexibility to ensure an experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy Luxury and Comfort

Flying privately means not having to deal with crowded terminals, long check-in times and not knowing the person next to you. If you choose to, you can hold a meeting, work, or even sleep on the aircraft in a bed prepared by your flight attendant, with nothing to disrupt you. Whilst the level of comfort depends on the type of aircraft, private flights offer luxuries that you won’t experience in traditional commercial flights.

Have your Furry Friend
right beside you

As your pet is an important part of the family it makes sense for them to travel with you on board your private jet charter flight. Peta ensures comfort for both you and your furry companion, without stress or separation.

Reduce your travel time

Avoid queues, unnecessary delays and board your private charter jet minutes before take-off - all resulting in time saving.

Customise Your Itinerary

Create an itinerary based on your lifestyle requirements. While there will still be some rules to follow, your freedom to customise all trip details is a top priority of ours.

Choose Whatever Cuisine You Desire

Are you craving that haute cuisine with champagne? Do you badly need some dim sum? No problem. When you fly privately, the menu is entirely up to you— even down to the brand of your tea

Have the Entire Aircraft to Yourself

Imagine if the only passengers onboard your next flight were those you invited. On a private flight, you can hold confidential meetings in-flight, work without interruptions, or spend quality time with your friends and family.

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